Gps Tracker Vessel IDP-690

Dengan menggunakan teknologi GPS ( Global Positioning System) melalui jaringan Satelit Selular. sistem ini memungkinkan pemakai mengetahui lokasi kapalnya yang dimonitor, secara realtime dan otomatis. Pemakai dapat melihat lokasi, arah kapal, kecepatan dan rute yang dilalui kapalnya pada sebuah peta yang ditampilkan di layar komputer, Tablet ataupun smartphone.
Kami khusus profesional menyediakan GPS TRACKING KHUSUS MARINE, GPS tracker untuk segala jenis kapal, baik kapal tug boat, tanker, kapal niaga/ kapal penumpang, kapal survey, kapal supply, kapal pandu maupun kapal kargo.dimana kita dapat melihat detail lokasi kapal, kecepatan kapal dan arah kapal.


Gps Tracker Vessel
SkyWave IDP 690

Gps Tracker Vessel SkyWave provides complete visibility and two-way communications with vessels anywhere, anytime. Engineered for mission critical applications, it delivers messages in seconds over the most reliable global mobile satellite network, IsatData Pro.

Capable of transmitting over 30 times more data than other M2M satellite services and supported by the Inmarsat-4 satellite constellation, the new low-data rate IsatData Pro service meets the demand for richer information, delivered faster, anywhere in the world

The IDP-690 features a low elevation-angle, integrated GPS and an environmentally sealed housing ideal for maritime applications. Furthermore, integrated peripheral interfaces support cost-effective electronic catch reporting via the optional TREQ VM eLogbook.

Benefit and Support Solution :
1. Boat owners can locate the position ship online
(web tracking) that can be accessed via a smart
phone, tablet PC, laptop or personal computer so
can be accessed anywhere and anytime for
connecting to the internet.

2. Real time information For: Latitude-longitude,the transmit data,the speed and the bow of the ship

3. Whe a channel of communication media are not function
, the ship can still be monitored existence that does not make boat owners are tooworried

4. Be able to see the cruise ship route record since the 3 month
of the tide until the last data sent.

Things to Notice :
1. Reliable
2. Wide Coverage area
3. Easy to install
4. The small size and all weather resistant
5. Easy maintenance
6. Facility free web tracking for view on map

Physical Overall dimensions Mass
10.1 x 12.6 x 12.6cm
460g (base model)

Temperature Range,Vibration,Environmental Rating
Humidity :
Operating: –40ºC to +85ºC; Storage: –40ºC to +85ºC
SAE J1455 (Sec 4.9, 4.2); MIL-STD-810G (Sec 514.6)
IP68,SAE J1455, section 4.2.3

Position Reporting :
Automatic Position Reporting : YES
Change APR : YES
Poll on demand : YES

Input voltage
Power consumption (Typical @ 12 Vdc, 22°C)
9 to 32 volt
Receive: 45 mA
Receive with GPS: 60mA
Transmit: 0.75 A
Sleep: 100 ­A

Satellite service : Inmarsat IsatData
Network Coverage : Pro Global, four
Frequency range , EIRP, Elevation Angle : overlapping regions
Rx: 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz; Tx: 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz;
9 dBW max
-15°to + 90°

Acquisition Time,Accuracy,Sensitivity,Channels : Warm: 16 sec; Cold: 36 sec 4 m (CEP),Acquisition: -136 dBm; Tracking: -146 dBm 8

Satellite Other,VMS Type Approval : Inmarsat Type Approved
CE mark, FCC, RoHS, Anatel
FFA Type Approval – Pending

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